TEAM NAME: Lethal Threat

HOMETOWN: Nichols Hills, Oklahoma

CAR: 1968 Ford Mustang


BEST ET & MPH: 3.53 @ 219 / 3.738 @ 200.68 (MWPMS TRIM)

SPONSORS: Trick Ti, Lenco, Accufab, Lucas Oil, Frankenstein Eng, CN Block, MANTON Push Rods and Rockers, Garret Race Cars, Stroud Safety, Kryptonite Kustomz, Taylor Safety, Neal Chance Converters, Wizards Warehouse, RBS SUPERCHARGERS, Aeromovtive, Broken Arrow Powder Coating, Motorsports Unlimited, DMPE, Perfection Equipment, Total Seal & Brand Machine

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Brandon Pesz, Mike Boyce, Billy Chase, Bill Bean Jr., Frank Tunner, Tony Reinauer & Shari Martin for helping me chase my dream the past 23 years.

IMAGE BY: Nubs Photography